Virtual Business Cards for a Smarter World!

Unlock NO-TOUCH Virtual Business cards that connects your clients with you, in just a TAP!

Fully customizable | Unlimited Usage | No Monthly Fees

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY

Vcard Campaign Created Using Augment Suite

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What's included inside VCard?

Contactless Business Cards

Share instantly

Easy to access

One tap calling

One tap Whatsapp

One tap to Mail

One tap connection on ANY social network

Include Payment information

Link videos

Add any page / Website

Can be updated any time from anywhere

Environment Friendly (No Printing needed)

Customize with logo, banners & profile picture

Included Commercial Rights

Contactless New Age
Business Cards for the WIN

Say Goodbye to Boring old Printed Business Cards

Business cards have been around for a very long time. Sadly there has been no significant improvements apart from the design and the quality of material in which it is printed.

It’s time for a change..

You shouldn’t be carrying around 100s of business cards in your pocket especially in times like now when people are trying to “AVOID the TOUCH”

Even if you did, how many people do you think are going to connect with you by referring to your business card, seeing the card, and typing out your number or email?

The harsh truth is “hardly ANY”

Ask yourself what you do with all the business cards that someone gives you? You may have it for a while..

But eventually, these business cards get lost in the pile and end up in the thrash..

You definitely cannot expect someone, especially your prospects to hold your card safe when you know what you do with them...

All the efforts that you took to make your fancy-looking business card with the extra shine go unnoticed.

There are other problems too.. What if you change your phone number for some reason or what if you want to be contacted by another email? What if you want to get people to your NEW website.. NOT possible with Traditional Business Cards..

Introducing Virtual Cards

Actionable Business cards for 2021 & beyond

Right now, we live in a world where we are meeting people online more than we do in person. Obviously, physical business cards are of no use and a photo or soft copy of your physical business card is a BIG NO NO!

Your business cards need to be actionable. It should be easy for the receiver to take action with it..

For example..

Storing your contact

Following you on Instagram

Seeing your latest video

Send you an email

Connecting with you on Facebook

Make a payment

Chat with you on Whatsapp

Visit your webpage

And so much more...

With VCard it is super simple to drop a link or share a QR code anywhere online from where your new connections will get all the required information just by clicking on your link or scanning the QR code with their mobile. All your information will immediately pop up on their screen and they can instantly add you as a contact on their phone.

The best part - You can make changes to it whenever you want hassle-free. You can customize the way your VCard looks by adding banners, having a profile picture, and even including your brand’s logo.

Imagine you are in a virtual meet-up.. All you need to do is drop your VCard link in the chatbox for everyone to add you to their contacts in just a tap.

Good NEWS - When people add you as a contact, they are more likely to respond to your messages /calls when you try to connect with them.

This literally is the way the world is moving forward and every business needs to switch to virtual business cards.

You can be the one creating and managing their virtual business cards in just a few clicks.

This is a smart way to collect recurring payments month on month by offering virtual business card services!

What are you waiting for?

When you act now, you are going to get in for a super low one-time price and you don’t have to pay anything ever again!

Guess what? You can create Unlimited Business cards!

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY

Why Switch to Virtual
Business Cards?

Umteen number of Reasons..

There are 100s of reasons to make the shift to Virtual business cards with VCard..

But if you’re still wondering why… Go ahead and immerse yourself in the benefits of Virtual Business cards..

Easy to share

All you need is the link or the QR code to simply share it anywhere you want.

Save money & Environment

Stop wasting your money on printing cards that people will anyway throw away and save the planet.

No Touch involved

No physical cards and hence no touch and fear. Safe for the new world.

Show stealer

Just drop your contact on a web meeting and everyone will notice you and remember you.

Up-to-date information

You can keep updating information from time to time and display what’s important at any point in time.

Improve your social following

All it takes is a single tap for your prospects to follow you on any social network that you are trying to grow.

Multiple cards for multiple businesses

You can share a different card for each of your businesses or even keep your professional and personal cards separate.

Ease of Communication

All it takes is a tap for your prospects to connect with you. Be it on email, call, Whatsapp, or Social media. No typing out anything, unlike traditional cards.

Never gets lost

Unlike Traditional business cards, these are safe and can be accessed anytime with just a click or scan.


If you wish to print, you can still do it and add the QR code to your physical business card (if you really need one), your print ads, banners, and so on...

Collect payments

YES! You can use business cards to collect payments by adding your PayPal information and collect payments with just a tap.

Ease of Navigation

Add your google map links and your prospects can visit your store or business without any trouble.

And so on…

Virtual Business cards are the way forward and you need to make the
switch right now with Augment Suite’s VCard.

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY

All it takes is 3 simple steps to create your
Virtual Business Cards with VCard!

YES! That’s it!

Add your logo, banner & profile picture

That’s it...

It is almost like filling out a personal information form, where you have all the details already.

You can even customize the look and feel of your VCard.

Here are all the possible sections that you can include inside your VCard!


One tap calling without having to type out a number unlike a printed business card


One tap emailing without the hassle of sending out an email to the wrong address.


One tap navigation to your website or any web page you want to redirect.


Simply add your google maps link and help customers navigate to your business effortlessly.


Even include any text information you want to share with your Audience

Social Media

It literally covers every possible social network from Facebook to Twitch, from Whatsapp to Telegram, and even from YouTube to Discord.


One tap to collect payments via paypal

We have left no stone unturned.

Grab this opportunity with both your hands as we will never be selling this again for a one-time only fee!

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY

Wondering how to share
your VCard?

Here are some handy tricks to have
under your sleeve!

Drop links in the Chatbox in Virtual Meetings

If you are in virtual meetings, just share your Vcard link in the Chat Box. People who click on them can instantly add you as a contact.

Show QR code in Video Meetings

Want to make it Fancy? Show the QR code on your phone and let the attendees scan it and instantly get all your contact information. This way you get a lot of attention and engages people to take action. You can even share QR code digitally with your Attendees.

Share your VCard link on Social Media

Just paste your link on any social platform or you can even share it directly from the share feature inside VCard.

Add QR code to your Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

One of the smartest & Sneakiest ways to share your contact is to add the QR codes to your Zoom virtual backgrounds or meeting backgrounds and help attendees connect with you instantly.

Add links / QR code in your Email Signatures

Instead of having a long signature, you can add the link to your VCard or add the QR code to your Email signature for readers to connect with you instantly.

Add to your physical business card

Print your unique QR code in your physical business card if you really want to share a physical business card.

Show the QR code on your phone

Meeting someone physically? Everyone carries their phone all the time. Just after your meeting, request them to scan your QR code by showing it on your smartphone. They will instantly get all your contact information.

Add QR code to Print Media

Add your QR codes to all advertisements and help readers scan it as they read and connect with you instantly.

Add QR code on your Website

You can consider adding QR code to the contact us section which will instantly help visitors to connect with you through phone, email, whatsapp or whatever they prefer

VCards are unbeatable.
Create yours in the NEXT few minutes…

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY

You have a Massive Opportunity with VCards!
Sell VCard Services for Recurring Profits

With everything going online & digital, Virtual cards are an absolute must-have for businesses!

What is the use of attending online meetings and webinars, if one cannot network.

Networking is the key to success in ANY Business..

That’s why you have a massive opportunity with Vcard. You can sell it as a service to businesses and drum rolls for an even bigger opportunity..

Collect monthly payments to manage their VCards.

This is a foot-in-the-door service that will open bigger doors for you..

Here are some examples of what people are charging on Fiverr for a similar service..

You can charge between $100-$250 for the initial set up and collect a maintenance fee every month.

One client will cover the cost of your investment today..

Remember - When you get in today, you get the ability to create Unlimited Business Cards with Vcard and the commercial rights to offer it as a service to other businesses.

This is a No-brainer and you are getting this opportunity only because you are a founding member of Augment Suite.

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY

We have an Exclusive Bonus Too..
ONLY if you Upgrade NOW!

Editable Business Card Templates $297

Professionally designed Editable Business card templates for you to place your VCard QR code and share anywhere online or include as a signature in your emails.

Here is a Quick Summary of all
that you are getting today…

Lock in your Access before this switches
to Monthly subscription


  • Unlimited VCard Campaigns

  • Add Banner

  • Add logo

  • Add Profile Picture

  • Add Description

  • Add phone

  • Add Email

  • Add Navigation

  • Add Website

  • Add Text

  • Add Facebook

  • Add Twitter

  • Add Instagram

  • Add Whatsapp

  • Add Telegram

  • Add Skype

  • Add WECHAT

  • Add Signal

  • Add Snapchat



  • Add Soundcloud

  • Add Vimeo

  • Add Dribble


  • Add Flickr

  • Add YouTube

  • Add TikTok

  • Add Discord

  • Add Twitch

  • Add GITHUB

  • Add Paypal

  • Add your own Custom Fields

  • Full customization

  • Commercial Rights

  • Launch Special Bonuses

Augment Suite Vcard

30 Days Fail-Proof
Money Back Guarantee

We are super pumped & 100% sure that Augment Suite’s VCard Upgrade will help you make connections that will stay connected forever.

However, if for any reason you feel this investment is not giving you the right results or it is not a right fit for your business, you can contact us even on the 30th day from now & you will get your money back.

Plus, you will also get to keep the bonuses.

So this really is a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Opportunity For You To Test Out “Augment Suite VCard License” With Absolutely Nothing To Lose.

Go ahead & click on the link below to upgrade to the Augment Suite VCard License & make important business connections and help other businesses connect easily with their customers as well through Virtual Business Cards.

Remember, this upgrade opportunity is available only today & right now.
You won’t get this opportunity again. If we even sell it again, it will only be available for a recurring price.

Frequently Asked

Q. Can I know what this upgrade does?

A. With this upgrade, you will be able to create Virtual Business cards that you can share with anyone instantly. These are actionable business cards and all it takes is one tap to connect unlike traditional business cards.

Q. I’ ll be able to think about it then come back to this page later when I’m ready... right?

A. Sorry, but AugmentSuite Vcard is really just a one-time-opportunity and the price will actually increase in a few hours. Plus, we will have to completely take down the page after the launch special to ensure customers who bought get amazing results and give us great testimonials to add to our proof.

Q. Do I have to pay a monthly fee to buy this app?

A. AugmentSuite Vcard is available to you for an incredibly low one-time price if you buy NOW. Once the special offer ends, the app will be offered at a monthly fee.

Q. I have some specific questions. How can I get them answered?

A. Please connect with us on support desk at

Included Commercial Rights only for a Limited Time

Regular Price - $77/Month

Limited Time Founding Member Special -
$47 one-time ONLY